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Unlike most testosterone solutions, T-Boost works to increase your natural production of testosterone. Here’s why that’s important:

Most testosterone replacement formulas are made with what’s called exogenous testosterone — testosterone that is manufactured outside the body, like in pharmaceutical company labs.

Those shots, creams, gels, and patches that claim to increase your testosterone directly do something far more dangerous: They slow your natural production of testosterone, making you dependent on those products for the rest of your life.

To accommodate for the extra testosterone, your body slows its natural production of the hormone. That makes replacing testosterone a lifelong commitment.

Instead, you can increase your testosterone the natural way, by helping your body to produce more of the natural kind.

T-Boost: the Healthy Way to Boost Your Testosterone.

[Boosts exercise capacity]Here’s how it works:

Your body produces a hormone called DHEA, which is the “parent hormone” of testosterone.

DHEA is made in your adrenal glands and testes, and is then changed into testosterone. It is the most abundant hormone in your blood stream, but production declines with age.

By providing supplemental DHEA to your body, you are feeding your own testosterone factory so that it can then pump life-enhancing testosterone throughout your body, wherever it is most needed.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of supplementation is that your body never slows its own production of T, the way it does with synthetic T supplementation.

Studies prove that DHEA supplements result in significantly higher levels of testosterone1, increased sexual satisfaction2, sexual desire, erectile function3, leaner body mass, greater muscle strength4, stronger bones, and better mood.

Plus, unlike testosterone supplements, there is little to no risk of overdosing on DHEA.5

T-Boost Supercharges Your Body’s Testosterone Factory with 3 Powerful, Pure Ingredients

Besides DHEA, T-Boost gives you:

Tribulus Terrestris – a Natural Energy Amplifier!

Tribulus terrestris is a flower extract first made famous as the “secret weapon” of the champion Bulgarian Olympic weightlifting team during the 1980s. That team credited T. terrestris in bringing home the gold.

After their streak of wins, researchers around the world rushed to study the substance’s near-magical ability to build strength and testosterone.

One study on athletes showed that a daily supplement of T. terrestris resulted in a rise of blood testosterone as well as muscular strength after just 20 days.

Other studies confirm the substance’s aphrodisiac qualities, as well as its ability to increase blood testosterone by an average of 52%.

Today, T. terrestris is sold as a standardized pharmaceutical preparation for muscle strength and sexual potency throughout Europe and Asia.

Closer to home, in the United Staes, one of the few places you will find T. terrestris is in our super-high potency formulation of T-Boost.

T-Boost also contains:

Eurycoma Longifolia – a Natural Sex Enhancer!

Eurycoma longifolia Jack is the third powerful, pure ingredient in T-Boost.

This natural sexual enhancer has been used to treat erectile dysfunction in Southeast Asia for generations.

The root and bark are also used to increase sexual desire, boost athletic performance, and reduce body fat.

Research shows that it may also increase your body’s testosterone.

In one breakthrough study, E. longifolia Jack was proven to increase the sexual performance of subjects. A second study “provides evidence that E. longifolia Jack is a potent stimulator of sexual arousal.”

What’s more, new studies are confirming those results. In one, 30 adult males of various ages reported a 91 % increase in sexual desire, a 73 % improvement in sexual function, and an 82% jump in sexual self-esteem.

Together, DHEA, T. terrestris, and E. longifolia Jack create the most effective testosterone booster you can find. And you’ll find all three in T-Boost!

T-Boost works or your money back!

Renown Health Products pledges to provide you with Superior Grade supplements, doctor-formulated and manufactured to the highest standards (CGMP) in the industry. If you are not satisfied with the quality of T-Boost, simply return the unused portion within 60 days for a prompt, full refund, no questions asked. You may keep your FREE GIFT.